​L A N I V E T   M O T O R S

est 1970

Lanivet Motors was founded by my father Alan  Rohrs  in 1970 after  he had done his apprenticeship with Jaguar and worked for Gates of Woodford in his early adult years. He came to Cornwall because his dad, my grandad, had been based down here in Cornwall during WW2 and he spent very happy childhood holidays here.

Classics are and always have been part our family. I have followed this family tradition learning to ride at 4 years of age on stabilisers, bikes soon took up a large part of my life and continue to do so.

I remember starting and riding my fathers Veloctte Venom and BSA Goldstar around the yard after school and my first vintage bike run was at age 17 on a 1962 Triumph Bonniville

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L A N I V E T  M O T O R S



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