​L A N I V E T   M O T O R S

est 1970

1936 NORTON International 500cc

I purchased the bike in 2006 from the estate of the late Martin Morris, who was a classic and vintage car and bike collector and famous gentleman racer of ERA’s  and an owner and racer of OKV3 the famous ex works Jaguar D type. He purchased the Norton from Pollard Motorcycles in about 2004. Previously the bike had been at auction with Bonhams in April 2002 and before this at Brooks in 1998. Tax discs going back to 1993 are included together with some MOTs

My father and I completely stripped the bike and the bike was rebuilt using almost exclusively new parts from Stu Rogers. The frame was found to be suspect so a reconditioned frame was fitted. The wheels were rebuilt by Central Wheels using new rims (with black and red coach lines) and new stainless steel spokes. The front wheel spindle was renewed (stainless steel) and brake backplate reconditioned too. The forks were trued up, rebushed by Stu Rogers and assembled using all new stainless spindles, nuts and washers together with new adjusting washers. New stainless helper spring clevis pins fitted. The frame and all cycle parts (including mudguards, stays etc) were painted (not powder coated) by JBS paint (they only paint motorcycle parts and are the best) in Somerset. 

It’s fitted with correct 1 5/32” TT carb with remote brass float chamber, Brooklands can and runs on 40 grade Castrol R.

95% of the fixings are 316 stainless steel (including all engine bolts)

The petrol tank is alloy, the oil tank steel, with brand new oil pipes.

The correct rubber type seat is fitted, together with rear seat pad. All new footrest, kickstart and gearlever rubbers were fitted.

The engine was completely stripped down to the flywheels. The big end bearing had no play so my father decided to rebuild from there. New Stu Rogers supplied main bearings were fitted together with new thrust plates and the whole trued correctly in the crankcases. The oil pump was rebuilt and fitted using correct fixing screws. New specially made, wasted stainless barrel studs are fitted. The bore was fine so the barrel had a very light hone and new rings were fitted. The barrel was painted in special heat dispersing matt black. At this stage, my father’s health failed, so the rest of the engine build was entrusted to Andy Savage. He’s probably the best Norton ohc engine builder in the country. (1st, 2nd and 3rd at Good wood Revival for the last 3-4 years). Brand new Manx cams, valves, valve guides and rocker pads were fitted, together with all correct shimming in the valve train. Andy supplied the engine back assembled and ready to install. The gearbox had all new bearings fitted by my father and it was finished by Andy using all new stainless studs and the special nuts and a Stu Rogers supplied stainless vertical gear linkage and clevis pins.

Dave Lindsey reconditioned the  Mag/Dyno and new 6v battery was fitted, together with a new wiring loom.

A new engine and gearbox sprocket, primary and drive chains were fitted. All new control cables were fitted. New front and rear mudguards and stays were fitted. 

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